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Welcome to HealthyOps a Service of WorkersCount

Get your arms around every patient touch-point and care team interaction. Laser-focus on the key issues and processes that matter most to you. Enable rapid iteration and improvement in your distributed teams. HealthyOps allows you to monitor and control patient service quality, safety adherence, care team and patient engagement and healthcare access in real-time. It's your "in-flight navigation system" for extraordinary service quality and patient experience.

  • Data-driven management

    The gold standard of care and service quality is managing every patient touch-point and process across the continuum of care in real time. All great organizations strive for this, and few, if any, have dependable, adaptable and simple-to-manage systems to enable them to do so, using reliable, fresh data.

    Managing using data and informatics is only as effective as the quality and freshness of the data, and the relevance of the data to the key strategic initiatives driving the performance metrics of the organization.

    With HealthyOps, you adjust your own custom-tailored system to instrument every patient touch-point and process event in real-time.

  • Monumental changes

    New reporting demands, care standards pricing and reimbursement criteria are creating unknown risks and penalties across all of healthcare delivery. Today’s systems & processes lack required real-time operational intelligence and relevance to be actionable or dependable. This means that most organizations are still managing in a rapidly shifting landscape by looking through a distorted rear-view mirror.

    Turn disruption and uncertainty into competitive advantage by “instrumenting” all operations, process, quality and safety measures that impact your brand, your patient experience and your team engagement. Using your own trusted data and targeting your own specific goals and gaps is the way to make it a competitive advantage. Your teams focus on care and healing, and HealthyOps is your “in flight navigation system” that enables them to make lots of small, iterative adjustments to stay on track and focused on the "true north" of patient care and service excellence.

  • Disruption from all directions

    Healthcare delivery organizations are being bombarded by non-traditional competition including mini-clinics at retail, App-based care, streaming telemedicine, subscription services and more. What once was a relatively stable and predictable set of service delivery competitors has mushroomed into a Wild-West of experimental and innovative, cool, and technically astounding choices and strategies to deliver low-cost, high-impact well-care, urgent care and follow-on aftercare and monitoring services.

    Competition is magnified by new consumer choice & portability. Providers find themselves in a new kind of Brand War that cuts across the traditional employer-provided and network-dependent models that are being dismantled and disintermediated. Consumers are able to be much more engaged in their healthcare choices and spend than ever imagined.

  • Nailing the simple stuff

    Most safety, clinical and service quality gaps are simple in nature but easy to forget. Patient comfort, urgency of treatment and the rush of multiple tasks and patient flow can make it difficult to remember the latest acronym or service mantra, no matter how well-intentioned your team.

    HealthyOps enables leaders to simplify and automate the task of monitoring and controlling patient touch-points, processes and operations.

    The result is that your teams have more time to focus on healing, human touch and care-plan engagement. The real-time monitoring and alerting system helps leadership intervene when adjustments and changes in staffing or processes are small, and before service quality or clinical outcomes suffer. The net impact is uncompromised service excellence across the continuum of care, and the enhancement of your organization’s great brand and reputation across the competitive marketplace.

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Our Solutions


A friendly 30-second experience for patients and care teams. Delivered at discharge or clinic exits on tablets and kiosks (shared workstations and phones for care team members). It is simple, secure, anonymous and fun.

Alert & Identify

Instrument all patient touchpoints from both patient and care-team perspective in real time. Monitor and control highest impact operational, safety and quality processes. Alerts and dashboards provide clear, actionable insights.


The best adjustments are small iterations, tried frequently until a stable solution is found. Real-time feedback, alerts and dashboards allow teams to independently innovate and iterate to address important gaps at the speed of medicine – which is very fast indeed.


Leaders can focus 100% on driving patient experience and service delivery, confident that the system will alert them of emerging issues or operational gaps in real time. This allows them to respond appropriately almost before the "problem" is widely noticed or a bad outcome occurs.

Why HealthyOps

Immediate Insights

Implementation in weeks vs months.

Secure & Anonymous

HIPAA Compliant
(No Personally Identifiable Information collected.)

Plays Nice

With Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI projects/systems

Actionable & Predictive

Today-insights, alerts, benchmarks. Tomorrow-leading indicators & triggers


HealthyOps is a passionate team of dedicated entrepreneurs working to improve the way healthcare is experienced. Our team has deep expertise in process management, data analytics and business intelligence, software development, mobile applications, social media and consumer behavior.

We strongly believe in the IHI Triple Aim of: Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); Improving the health of populations; and Reducing the per capita cost of health care.

World-Class Industry Expertise

Our company has been fortunate to have attracted some of the best minds in healthcare, finance and company growth to its advisory board, including healthcare CEOs, Chief Patient Experience Officers and globally recognized experts in safety, quality and clinical excellence. They anchor two councils; the CEO Council and the Patient Experience Council.

These form the foundation of our effort to contribute to industry thought leadership and insight as the Company’s data consortium moves to the derivation of predictive modeling of clinical outcomes and process excellence based on patient and care team daily pulse data. We are adding more industry luminaries and thought leaders to our councils and board.

About Us

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The Company is based in Silicon Valley with offices in San Diego and Tel-Aviv, Israel and Kishinev, Moldova. We receive legal and strategic counsel from the healthcare practice team leaders of the law firm of Cooley Godward, in Silicon Valley and San Diego. We are a BizSpark-1 Company in the Microsoft Developer/startup network. HealthyOps is the healthcare industry service of WorkersCount - founded in 2011, with solutions serving healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors. The company is privately funded.

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50 Woodside Plaza
Redwood City, California 94061
Phone number:
(650) 866 – 9144